KS1 – Newsletter – 7.6.24

We hope that you have all had a great week off together and that everyone has come back ready for the big count down to the Summer!

We are continuing our topic on Space this half term and have some new inspirational people to learn about.

We began by reading about ‘Helen Sharman’ in the book ‘Helen Sharman’ and watching interviews etc.. about her on line. We have also been learning about what a newspaper is and what features it has. Everyone had a go at writing an initial newspaper and will be working on finding out more facts about Helen and more about how to write a newspaper, for when they come to do it next week. Year One’s phonic sound this week has been /ore/ as in score. Year Two’s phonic sound has been the -tion as in station.

In Maths, Year One have begun to learn about fractions. This week they have focused on halves. They have been recognising and finding half of a shape and a quantity – noting that both the pieces or groups must be the same. In Year two, one group has also been working on fractions and finding a half and quarter of large numbers and amounts. The other group have been doing some work on statistics. Making and reading tables using tally charts and pictograms.

We have continued to look at animals and their habitats in Science. This week, the focus was on what is in each habitat and why it is suitable for the animal that chooses to live there. We looked at what food is in the area, what the conditions are like eg wet/ dry and what is growing in the area.

In History, we began to learn about Tim Peake. The children watched clips about when he went to the International Space Station and wrote as many facts as they could remember together on large sheets of paper.

In Geography this week, the children used their previous knowledge of positional language and compass points to guide their partners to different parts of the playground. They made sure to use the key words including North, East, South and West. Then, they played Simon says using the positional language that we have learnt.

In RE, Year One were looking at the inside of a mosque. They learned about key features and what they are used for. Year Two began to learn about prayer. They learned that praying is when people who have a faith talk to God. They thought about the reasons people might talk to God.

In PSHE, both year groups were thinking about what makes a good team member. They discussed skills they would need and how it is important to take turns and listen to each other. They then tried out some team building skills.

Next week is week 1:

PE: Friday – for all of Key Stage One

PPA day. Forest school – Tuesday for all of Key Stage One

Diary Dates:

Saturday 22nd June – School Summer fayre – 12pm – 4pm

Monday 24th June – Cannon Hall Farm trip – Please pay through Parent pay. (Please speak to the office if you are having any difficulties with this)

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