KS1 – Newsletter – 8.3.24

Thank you to everyone who came to Parent’s evening this week. We have really enjoyed sharing all your children’s achievements and hard work with you and how amazing they are in school.

In English, Year One have continued with the book ‘Meerkat Mail’ and have been planning and writing a letter. They looked at the difference between formal and informal letters and wrote an informal letter from Sunny talking about a visit to Africa. Their phonic focus this week has been on the /ea/ saying /e/ as in bread. Year Two have started reading a book of African tales. In preparation for writing their own traditional tale next week, they had a go at writing their own version of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and practised using expanded noun phrases. Their phonic sound for the week has been /o/ saying /u/ as in mother.

Hopefully you will have seen the World Book Day post from yesterday. The children enjoyed exploring the ‘Handa’s surprise’ book – and the staff dressed up to mimic it. They retold the story in lots of ways, but also enjoyed the assemblies and Mystery Reader, encouraging the love for reading. The care home residents certainly enjoyed our special visit this week all dressed up as book characters!

In Maths, Year One have begun to focus on length. They have been looking at which one is longer or shorter, the tallest and shortest and putting objects in size order. One group in Year Two have begun doing division by sharing. They have used lots of practical resources and have begun to do pictoral representations to show this. The other group have continued their work on money. They have been adding amounts of money together and using their subtraction skills to calculate how much change they would receive

In History, we have all continued to learn about Nelson Mandela and discussing what we can already remember about his life. We have then used these key times to order events on a time line, looking at things happening in chronological order.

The children have all been looking at maps in Geography. They have looked at different keys, what they are and how they are used. They then created their own key and when making a model map, used a key to show what each part of the map is.

In PSHE Year One have been looking at money. They have thought about what money is and how it’s used. They have also thought about where it can be kept to keep it safe such as in a bank, purse or money box. Year Two have been focusing on strangers. They have thought about who is a stranger and whether they should talk to them or not. They have thought about who is a safe stranger and why, for example a police officer or a doctor.

From Monday 11th March the Boof fair will be in school. Your child will be having a look at the books at some point on Monday. They will bring home a sheet with an idea of a book they would like. You do NOT have to purchase this book. However, if you would like to purchase this or a different book, please complete the payment on line and return the sheet to school with the book’s name so that we can ensure they get the correct one.

Next week is week 1:

PE: Friday – for all of Key Stage One

PPA day. Forest school – Tuesday for all of Key Stage One

Diary Dates:

Monday 11th March – Book Fair in school

Friday 22nd March – African workshop (children only)

Monday 25th March – 2.30pm Parent’s celebration

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