KS1 – PPA day – 12.9.23

As you will be aware, the teachers have a PPA day (Planning, Preparation and Assessment). On this day, your children will have specialist teachers for Music, Art, Food Technology, Woodwork technology and Forest Schools.

In Music, Year One have been learning all about keeping a steady beat. They have been exploring new percussion instruments they have not used before and have begun to learn about body percussion. Year Two have also been practising keep a steady beat. They did a listening activity and started to learn the song ‘Five a day’.

It’s been all about ‘bear hugs’ in art this week. The children have been practising their folding and cutting skills to create a bear hug card and thinking about who they would like to hug.

The children were learning about what food technology is. They have been introduced to the equipment they will use and have thought about what it is used for. They have a go at measuring using jug and scales, with water and dried pasta, to understand how to use the scales. They have also begun to look at the good food guide.

In design technology, the children were shown lots of different castles. They looked at their features and their purposes. They then began to design their own castles.

Unfortunately, it was a very wet day for Forest schools, but the activities were adapted so that they could be completed in the poly tunnel. Firstly the children played games to introduce themselves and what they like. They then had a paper plate to design themselves on it using natural materials. They then represented other things they like etc.. around the paper plate, again using natural materials.

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