KS1-Twinkl Online books and games

Dear KS1 Parent/Carers, 

We are launching TWINKL GO in KS1 this term- this is an opportunity to share online books, games and activities.

Click on the link and add the code for the level of the book. You do not need a learner sign in – just the code then click on I don’t have a username.

This will take you to the online books and activities.



Year 1-Level 4

4a, b, c books- JV8410


Year 1- Level 5

5a Books-  MA5240

5b Books-  ZK5143

5c Books-  OV9716


Year Two-Level 6

6a Books-  UB7613

6b Books-  FA0971

6c Books-  RN2904


Games and activities


We welcome feedback on this programme, as hope to develop the activities we can share. 

Please speak to Mrs Koopman.



Thank you for your support

The KS1 Team


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