LKS2 – C4 & C6 – Maths

This week in Miss Nodding’s Maths group we have been developing our understanding of the 3, 4, and 8 times tables. We applied our knowledge of equal groups and used a range of concrete and pictorial representations to deepen our understanding of multiplying. Initially, we did this through counting in multiples of 3, 4 and 8 by using songs and sticking post-it notes around the classroom. We completed a range of activities to strengthen our understanding of multiplication, before we move on to using the formal written method for multiplication next week. One station in the carousel was a matching task in which we worked in pairs to find the times table, the answer and the matching addition sentence. Another station worked on Times Table Rockstars to develop quick recall with these times tables. The third station completed a representation grid in our books and showed a times table as repeated addition, as an array and as our own choice of pictorial representation. Such as 4 plates with 3 strawberries, 3+3+3+3 and 4×3 = 12.

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