LKS2 – Class 4/6 – Maths

Today in Miss Nodding’s maths group we used our understanding of number bonds to 10 and 100 to support us finding complements to 100. We addressed the misconception when finding a complement to 100 is to think that the ones digits bond to 10 and the tens digits bond to 100, which leads to a total of 110 rather than 100, for example 36 + 74. Using a hundred square helped us identify that we actually need to find a bond to 10 and a bond to 90. We used a coloured pencil to highlight our first number on the hundred square and then we used our number bond skills  to find how many more are needed to make 100. First we did this one a numbered hundred square and then we challenged ourselves to use a blank hundred square!
We used these sentence stems to support our explanations:

  • I add__________ to get to the next 10, then__________ to get to 100
  • This means__________ is the complement to 100 of __________

•__________  plus__________  is equal to 100IMG_4856.jpg