LKS2 – Class 4 & 6 – PE

Despite the storm this week, we still managed to have a wonderful PE lesson in LKS2 as we built upon our county dance routine! We warmed up by using the beat of 8 and ensuring we were all in time with one another. We then practiced the ‘Heel Tapping Boots’ routine that we had learnt in our previous lesson and performed it in different ways. First, we performed it in unison and then we watched a choregraphed routine in which they performed one after another in a ‘canon’. We then separated our group by row from front to back. The first row started the dance, second row joined in after the first 8 counts and the third row joined in after the second row completed first 8 counts etc. At the end of the lesson, some people volunteered to showcase the dance in a group or solo performance!

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