LKS2 – Class 6&7 – Maths

Over the course of this week, Miss Chambers’ maths group have engaged with various activities to develop their understanding of shapes and angles.

This has included the students learnt about the properties of polygons. We discussed each property as a whole class as well as what makes a polygon regular. Next, the students used their knowledge of polygons and their properties to play polygon Bingo. Statements about the properties of a certain polygon were read to the students, who then would cross the polygon out on their Bingo sheet if they had it.

Also, the students learnt the properties of a triangle. After discussing the properties of a triangle and the properties of Equilateral, Isosceles and Scalene triangles as a whole class, the students sorted some “Who am I?” cards into the correct category. The “Who am I?” cards described either a Scales, Equilateral or Isosceles triangle and the students had to sort their cards into the correct category of triangle. Following this, they completed some reasoning and problem solving questions about triangles.

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