LKS2 – Forest School Games

This half-term in Forest School, pupils are learning the importance of play through playing and creating Forest School games. Children began by learning and playing some Forest School games called ‘Fire and Tarps’ and ‘Ninja Sticks.’ As we played, we discussed and reflected on the importance of games, the reasons we play them and why rules within games are important to follow. We also talked about adapting the game in the moment based on the success/failures and feelings of others. We agreed this could be to make the game easier or harder by either adding or removing rules and giving help, prompts and support to others. Children were then challenged to create their own obstacle and challenge course which featured changes in direction and height. Then, pupils had to guide a blindfolded partner through a challenge course ensuring they remained safe. At the end of the session, we discussed the importance of listening and following instructions from peers and how to build upon these skills for future games. 

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