LKS2 – Newsletter 02.02.24

What a fantastic week it has been in LKS2!

In geography, the children across LKS2 enjoyed a local walk! The children created their own sketch map and used the walk to inform their understanding of the local area’s human and physical features.

Pupils in LKS2 have continued with their work on fire making today in order to embed the skills learnt since Christmas. Today there was a special reward on offer for successful groups – the opportunity to roast marshmallows over their own fire. Groups worked together to construct a fire lay they deemed the most suitable for the job depending on their fire pit and how damp the base or floor was. Carefully, pupils built fire lays with all the features required to start a good fire – cotton wool in the center, gaps to let air circulate and thin, brittle sticks above the cotton wool to catch on fire. Once complete, children then used flint and steel safely to set their fire lays alight. Teams also had to communicate effectively to ensure they grew their fire and prevent it going out in the early stages by quickly assessing what the fire’s needs were and giving it to them – either more heat, oxygen or fuel. Children had to react quickly and problem solve instantly, thinking of solutions on their feet and implementing strategies to manage their fire. At the end of the session, teams reviewed and reflected on the task with a view to repeating their successes next time and adapting techniques which didn’t quite work. Those teams who were successful shared their tips and the challenges they faced throughout the task and loved the roasted marshmallows! 

In PE this week, we developed our ball skills by improving our tracking skills. we ensured we kept our eyes focused on the ball. We got into a ‘ready position’ by keeping our knees bent, feet shoulder width apart and on our toes. As the ball got closer, we scooped the ball up with two hands. We also practised stopping it using our leg. 

In History, the children took part in the ‘Great River Nile’ game! The children were given roles as part of a trading game to investigate the role of the River Nile in Ancient Egyptian life. Working in groups, the children were either farmers, bakers or clothes-makers. Using the texts from our library, the children answered questions about the River Nile to earn wheat or flax cards to make bread or clothes. Throughout the game, there were different disasters to help the children understand the importance of the Nile, such as using boats to trade along the river. At the end of the game, bread and clothes were exchanged for jewellery and the team with the most jewellery won! Finally, we answered the question: Why was the River Nile important?

Well done to the group of children from Year 3 were invited to take part in a multi-skills festival at Guiseley High School. It was an exciting afternoon where we experienced different sporting activities such as, dodgeball, Boccia, beach ball volleyball, and parachute games. We also had an opportunity to develop our confidence, team work and skills. It was a fantastic event and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! 

Don’t forget… next Friday 9th February  we are inviting all children to ‘Dress to Impress.’ This is part of Children’s Mental Health week. Throughout the week the children will be involved in a range of activities related to Mental Health. We’re all different – we all have different things that make us tick and that bring a smile to our face.
Express Yourself allows children and young people to celebrate what makes them unique with an incredibly fun dress-up day – this could be sharing their favourite hobby, such as skateboarding or dancing, or wearing their favourite colour or accessory. Or it could just be coming in as themselves. Express Yourself is about letting children’s voice shine through and empowering them to tell their own stories! Please see below advice to support your child at home.


Don’t forget Monday (05.02) is PPA day. So, the children will need to be in normal school uniform.

Have a great weekend!

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