LKS2 – Newsletter – 03.21.21

LKS2 have had a busy week! 

This week in English, we have continued learning all about how to write an excellent diary entry. This morning, LKS2 worked in small groups and chose a character each from The Animals of Farthing Wood. They acted out the events of Chapter 5, thinking carefully about how specific characters would feel at each point. Then, the children created freeze frames to show the different emotions experienced by the animals throughout the chapter. The children had some great ideas and are all really excited to write their diary entry next week!



This week in maths, Year 4 have been applying their new knowledge of 4-digit column addition and subtraction to worded problems. They have worked in pairs to solve an adventure theme park problem, solved problems on Purple Mash and applied our skills independently. Today, we practiced lots of different fluency skills by playing different games and answering reasoning problems.

This week, Class 5 have been refining their column subtraction skills. The children have become really confident with exchanging and have started applying their skills in different contexts. Today, they worked on addition AND subtraction word problems. In pairs they had to underline the key information and discuss whether the required calculation was addition or subtraction. 

This week in science, Y3/4 answered the question: ‘What is the best temperature to melt chocolate at?’ First, the children planned their experiment, thinking about the ways to make sure it was a fair test and predicting what they thought would happen. They considered how to use thermometers to measure the temperature of water, and waited to see how long chocolate took to melt at different temperatures. This developed the children’s understanding of how heat can affect a solid, liquid or gas and make it change state. We found that the hotter the water was, the quicker the chocolate melted.

This week has been a special week – National Tree Week! As a school, we have been planting trees all week to help combat climate change. This morning, the Year 4’s went out to the field and had a go themselves. The children definitely took the challenge in their stride and managed to plant 50 trees! Well done Y4!

Important Notices 

Please send your child to school in appropriate clothing/footwear for the cold weather and rain. This is especially important for the Y4’s on Wednesday, as we walk to swimming no matter what the weather! 

Y4 – Any pupil with long hair can bring a second towel to swimming, which can be used whilst they are getting changed to dry their hair before walking back to school. 

Please remember final Robinwood payments are due next month for the Year 4 pupils who are attending. Payments can either be made in full or in instalments via parentpay. 

Children can wear christmas jumpers in replacement of their school jumpers from Monday. They must wear there normal uniform underneath. 


We hope you have a restful weekend!

LKS2 Team 





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