LKS2 – Newsletter – 08.12.24

What a fantastic week it’s been in LKS2! Alongside our learning, we have been practising for the Christmas play and can’t wait for perfomance day!

In history, we have completed our concept map to bring together our learning about Armley Mills. After having considered how key individuals, dates and events related to our substantive concepts of culture and exploration, the children considered the impact Armley Mills had on the local area. It was great to see them being a historian and presenting their concept maps how ever he wished. 

In Miss Chambers’ maths class this week, the children used their formal written method for column multiplication to work out how much Mr Gamble would need to spend on forest school supplies. They had a shopping list with different supplies and how many of each Mr Gamble needed. The children then needed to find the price of the supplies in a catalogue and multiply it (using the formal written method for column multiplication) by the quantity required to work out how much Mr Gamble would spend on each supply.

In Miss Bourne’s maths class this week, we had to help work out the cost of new equipment for the classroom as the classroom resources in class 6 are running out. Miss Malone wanted to buy some new resources for the class and needed our help to calculate the cost of each item. We had to use our formal multiplication skills to work out the cost of each item. Then we added the costs together. As an extra challenge, we had to work out how much each item would cost for all three classrooms.

In Forest School, whilst sheltering from the torrential rain in the polytunnel, pupils in LKS2 began learning about the ‘fire triangle’ and how to construct fire lays. To begin with, groups had to identify different types of fire lays Mr Gamble had built and critique them against the laws of the ‘fire triangle.’ Children were able to explain features of the fire lays which were good as well as mistakes Mr Gamble had made! Afterwards, groups were then challenged to make their own fire lays which included teepees, log cabins and lean-tos. Whilst constructing them, teams had to think about air flow, heat and fuel ensuring they would be successful in lighting a fire.

In Alternative PE, the children enjoyed a range of activities and developed their skills in each. This half-term, the children have been developing their skills in table tennis, zumba, ultimate frisbee and darts!

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

This Monday (11.12.23) is PPA day.

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