LKS2 – Newsletter – 19.04.24


This week in English we have started to use a range of sentences to help us write a historical recount about the Lindisfarne raid. Today, to help us understand the events, we looked at the events of the raid at Lindisfarne in more detail. We read about the attack and then thought carefully about the events, actions and speech that would have happened during the raid from both the monks and the Vikings. By thinking about these features, we were able to re-enact the raid at Lindisfarne on the field. 


In Miss Bourne’s maths group this week, we have started to look at the topic of perimeter. We started the week by using multilink cubes to help us make different shapes with the same perimeter and then used our knowledge and understanding to help us find the perimeter of rectilinear shapes. Today, we used these skills to redesign the school playground. First, we had to go outside and measure the perimeter of the different parts of the playground such as the ball court, the calm areas and the different shelters. When we had done that, we came back in and drew our maps onto paper to redesign the playground. 

Over the course of this week, the children in Miss Chambers’ maths class have measured the heights of children in their group. To do this, they used their measuring skills to accurately collect the measurements, noting the correct decimal places. Then, they ordered and compared their heights up to two decimal places.

This week, Year 4 enjoyed a great PE session! They started their learning about athletics by completing a carousel of activities. This included a running fitness station, accurate throwing station and hurdles.


Yesterday in Forest School, pupils have revisited the Prusik and Bowline knots in order to pitch a tent shelter correctly. After a quick review and revisit of the two knots they would need, pupils learnt how to attach a ‘float line’ between two trees using Bowline knots whilst also ensuring the line remained taught. After watching, discussing and taking part in the demonstration, teams were then tasked with using these skills to pitch their own tent shelters around the school grounds. To be successful, children had to apply the knowledge they had gained and practiced as well as being extremely resilient and quick at problem solving and thinking outside of the box. At the end of the session, teams were able to review and reflect on their own shelters including what had gone well and not so well before sharing ideas with the group about what they’d do differently next time. 

In History this week, the children started their learning about the Vikings! Our historical enquiry question this term will be: what struggles did the Vikings face and how did they overcome them?

So, today the children investigated who the Vikings were and created their own timeline of the events during the Viking era. To do this, they engaged with primary and secondary sources of history as well as visiting our school’s timeline.

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