LKS2 Newsletter 10/12/21

Happy Friday! What a week we’ve had in LKS2. Well done to all the children who have had assessments this week in English and Maths. They’ve shown great resilience throughout!

This morning we had a fantastic time in Forest School. We had two main tasks today: first, to start a fire and second, to keep the fire going! We started by recapping the fire triangle, which tells us the three things needed to make a fire; oxygen, fuel and heat. In small groups, we gathered sticks and built a fire lay of our choice, using the skills we learned in our last Forest School session. Then we used flint to make a spark and start the fire. Those of us that managed it then had to keep it alight by carefully adding fuel (using a fire glove of course!). It was tough to choose the correct size and amount of sticks, as well as building a fire lay which allowed oxygen to get to the fire. Some of us were able to keep the fire going for a few minutes – maybe after Christmas we’ll be able to make our own hot chocolate!


In Geography today, the children learned that biomes are regions of earth which have contrasting features, for example deserts, forests and tundra. They compared the climates and looked at the living things that can be found in each biome. They labelled a climate map to show possible locations of each biome and which living things may be found there.

In the one lesson of maths this week, Year 4 practiced their 6 times table. We looked at how to work out the numbers in the 6 times table by using repeated addition. We also looked at how to draw arrays and then finally, we focused on fact families

Example: 6 x 4 = 24                       4 x 6 = 24                       24 divided by 4 = 6                  24 divided by 6 = 4

Some of us moved onto working out reasoning and problem solving questions surrounding this times table.


Meanwhile, the Y3s worked on their 3 and 4 times tables! We completed several fluency activities and played some games, such as bingo and Times Table Rockstars!

In RE this week, our key question was ‘How do we remember important events’. We based the lesson around the topical event of Christmas. To begin the lesson, we recalled the Christian nativity story, then we reflected on how it is celebrated and remembered within different countries following Christian and non-religious views.

Well done for a fantastic week everyone! We will see you on Monday – please remember to send your child in their PE kit.

Best wishes, 

The LKS2 Team 🙂


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