LKS2 Newsletter 10/6/22

Welcome back for our last half term of the year! LKS2 have hit the ground running this week with lots of exciting activities…

In Geography, Class 5 went on a walk around our local area! We started by looking at an OS map of Cookridge, and using a key to identify some key human and physical features. We looked out for these features as we walked around the block. As we walked, we used a compass to orientate the map and keep track of the direction we were facing. We noticed a variety of features which were marked on the map including main roads, smaller roads, buildings and a place of worship. After the walk, we highlighted our route on a map in our books and created our own key. 

In Science this week, we started our new topic: Forces and Magnets. Lesson 1 was all about friction, and we explored how different surfaces create different amounts of friction. We investigated this by rolling a toy car over a variety of materials, including tin foil, carpet, grass and baking paper. We discovered that a rough surface produces more friction, so movement is more difficult. 


In English, we started our new book, which is a collection of Viking Sagas. This week we focused on a saga called ‘The Dragon’s Hoard’. We started the week by reading the story as a class and acting it out. The children enjoyed playing the various characters such as the god of mischief, a hero and a dragon! We also read some information texts about Viking sagas and fairy tales, and used them to write a paragraph about the similarities and differences between the two genres. 

The Year 3s started learning how to play rounders in PE this week. We focused particularly on batting and bowling skills, thinking about how to hold the bat and the correct positioning of our feet and body. 

In Forest School, we recapped the fire triangle and the different fire lays we can use. After discussing the 3 things a fire needs, we worked in small groups to start and maintain a fire. We had to show a lot of resilience and problem solving when the fire lays kept falling down! Eventually, most groups managed to start a fire. Hopefully next time everyone will be able to keep one going long enough to make some Viking bread!


If your child would like to come to our movie night on Monday 20th June, please go to the office to buy a ticket. Tickets cost £2.50, which includes popcorn and a drink!

Monday is a PPA day so please send you child in their PE kit. 


Have a lovely weekend! 

The LKS2 Team 🙂

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