LKS2 – Newsletter – 11.3.22

We have had a lovely week in LKS2.

In maths, Miss Boyd’s group (classes 6 & 7) have been continuing fractions and have been learning how to find fractions of amounts (e.g. What is 1/7 of 21?). We all moved onto increasingly harder questions by using larger numbers, non-unit fractions and even multistep problems where we have to find a fraction of an amount then take our answer from our original price. We all became investigators this week, working with our partner to find the answers to multiple investigations and also completed an activity where we worked out new prices of objects. 

Miss Bennett’s group (Class 6 and 7) have continued their learning about fractions too. On Wednesday, the children completed an investigation. Some children identified different fractions, matching pictorial representations to the fraction and then grouping them dependent on whether they were unit or non-unit fractions. The other children spend the morning exploring fractions of an amount – e.g. 3/4 of 48. They had to complete lots of difference challenges, for example, finding the cheapest item of clothing in a sale using their fraction knowledge. 

In science this week, we started our new topic of sound. To begin the topic, we looked at what a sound is by identifying how sounds are made from objects vibrating and took a tour around the school to listen out for various sounds. Our task was to pick a sound, describe it (low, deep, high, soft, harsh…) and figure out which items were vibrating for the sound to happen. 

In English, we started our new writing genre of humorous narratives. We started the week by understanding and picking out the features of a humour story such as exaggeration, a funny character and an unusual event. We then acted out our own humorous plot in groups, after watching clips from Horrid Henry and Dennis the Menace to gather some ideas together. To end the week, we introduced our new writing topic of fronted adverbials, and all wrote sentences beginning with fronted adverbials linked to our English book, There’s a Pharaoh in our Bath

This morning, we designed and made our own shadufs. Shadufs are an important feature of Egyptian life, used to transport water from canals to irrigation ditches where crops were grown. We worked in teams to design and build, out of lolly sticks, string and cardboard. Whilst this was happening, we took it in turns to create fires and make our own Egyptian bread!

Well done to our learnatics this week:

Harry and Merryn – Class 6

Ami and Josh – Class 7

Mason and Phoebe – Class 5


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