LKS2 – Newsletter – 12.11.21

LKS2 have a had a fantastic week! 

This week in maths, Miss Evans’ group started learning how to do column addition. We have used a variety of methods to help us understand addition of bigger numbers, before moving on to the written method. These included using part whole models with cubes, counters and place value charts, and building a place value chart using hoola hoops and natural resources!

In maths this week, Miss Boyd and Miss Bennett’s group (Year 4) have continued with column addition but this time, moved onto additions with carrying. We have covered many skills alongside this including recapping bridging through 10, 100 and 1000. We have extended our learning by using money (decimals) and questions where we had to work out the missing digits. 

In English this week, we have continued our work on The Animals of Farthing Wood – the animals in the story have just spotted a fire! In preparation for our writing next week, we have had some excellent discussion around the characters in the story and how they would be feeling at points in the story. To do this, we have had a debate, done hot seating and acted out our predictions on what will happen next. We can’t wait to find out! 


In PHSE this week, year 4 thought a lot about different emotions. Our session involved thinking about the intensity of different emotions and how we can use vocabulary to express this – for example, being either happy, or elated. We used a thesaurus to find lots of different words to help us articulate this. Then, we thought about the word empathy and how people might respond to situations differently. Year 4 really impressed us and were extremely thoughtful during the session. Well done!


This morning, we had a great Forest School session to end our week. Some of the key skills of Forest School are to be adaptive and resilient, and the Year 3s certainly were, enabling us to still have a fantastic morning without going to Breary Marsh! The children firstly played ‘I am not a stick’, coming up with lots of creative ideas as to what a stick could be – such as a sword and broomstick, amongst others. Then they split in to groups and built a den! After break, we walked around the field in small groups and discussed what kind of animals could live in the bushes and trees. Then we chose an animal and had to create it using natural resources. There was a mix of 3d animals, 2d animals, and some drawn in the soil. Overall, despite the change of plans, it was a wonderful morning full of creativity. 

Y4 also had a great morning at Forest School. First, they were given a conker and had to try and make their a conker either the fastest, highest or go the furthest. They showed great resilience in using natural resources, string and plant pots to do this. Then, the children made badges to celebrate Forest School at Cookridge. The children used anything they could find outside to express what Forest School means to them, including words such as teamwork, resilience, den building and fun! 

Important Notices 

Monday 15th November is Teacher/Parent consultations for LKS2. If you have not already signed up, you can do so through the website. 

We hope you have a lovely weekend.

LKS2 Team 


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