LKS2 Newsletter 16/7/21

Happy Friday to all our LKS2 children and staff. We hope you are all well and enjoying the sunny weather. It’s been a fantastic week for us all!

We kick started the week with a marvellous trip to the Big Swing. Despite the rainy weather we had an absolutely brilliant time! Children enjoyed climbing, crawling, swinging and jumping their way around the giant playground. We all ended the day with a big smile on our faces, and are already looking forward to our next visit!

We have enjoyed several themed days this week. Science Day was all about plants and bees! We started the day with some fun outdoor activities, including acting out different ways sees can be dispersed. We then discussed the important role bees and other insects play in pollination, and acted as bees collecting ‘pollen’ (powder paint!) from pots around the playground. Then we debated as a class how to make our school more bee friendly, and wrote a letter to Mrs Hunter with suggestions for improvements to our school environment.  

Next came French Day…we learned the French words for different parts of the body, and used this knowledge to play ‘Jacques a dit’, which is the French version of Simon Says! After this, we learned about the importance of the Eiffel Tower, and created our own versions of the landmark using tissue paper and straws. C’est fantastique!

On Environment Day, we learnt all about habitat depletion around the world that is caused by human action. Specifically, we researched the effects of deforestation, desertification and coral bleaching and which living things are being affected by these. We also looked at pollution and non-renewable and renewable energy sources. After discussing what we can do to help the climate crisis, we talked about how change can happen on a big scale. So, we ended the day by writing a letter to the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson!

We hope you all have a fantastic, sunny weekend. Only 4 days left of this school year…let’s make them great! 

The LKS2 Team 🙂



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