LKS2 – Newsletter – 18.03.22

We’ve had a jam-packed week in LKS2! 

In English, we have been preparing for our humorous narrative that we are going to be writing next week. As part of our carousel, a group of children have been going outside every day to act out sentences they created, using fronted adverbials. The children have performed brilliantly and impressed all of the teachers! 

This week, Miss Bennett’s group have been learning about fractions greater than a whole. On Wednesdsay, we went outside and investigated this further, by converting improper fractions to mixed number fractions (e.g. 11/4 = 2 wholes and 3 quarters). Since then, we have practiced this skill inside and also answered trickier reasoning questions and worded problems. The children have been superb this week, showing great resilience and determination.
In maths this week, Miss Boyd’s group have been learning all about fractions greater than a whole. We started to add fractions together that would make an improper fraction, then worked together to convert these into mixed fractions. For our carousel activities, we subtracted from wholes working with fractions with lots of varied denominators, completed activities on mathletics, and worked with Miss Boyd on reasoning and problem-solving surrounding fractions greater than one. 

This week in science, LKS2 learnt more about how sounds travel. To begin the lesson, we recapped what a sound it and how sounds are made by objects vibrating. We then figured out that sounds can be louder and quieter depending on how big the vibration is by getting some children to leave the room and make different sounds. We also found out that sound can travel through objects and some materials block sound more than others.  

Experiment time: How do sounds travel? 

Our experiment was to make our own string telephone in order to find out how sound can travel along an object that is vibrating and into the ear.  We worked in tables to make our sting telephone, then wrote down our equipment, hypothesis, observations and conclusion on large paper.  

The Y3s enjoyed another great gymnastics lesson this week. After recapping symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes, we explored using different levels. We made balances at a low, medium and high level, and then tried moving around at these levels. Then we took our movements on to the apparatus, trying to be as creative as possible and incorporating a variety of levels to make our movements more interesting.

For British science week, LKS2 learnt all about gentoo penguins and how climate change is having a negative impact on their habitats. In groups, we used teamwork, collaboration, and patience to plan, edit and design our own penguin nest as if we were real life gentoos! Our nests had to withstand heavy rain, making sure it had drainage so the chicks would be safe and warm, and heavy wind just like the weather in Antarctica. 
Have a great weekend! LKS2 Team 

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