LKS2 – Newsletter – 21.01.22

LKS2 have had a great week!

In English, year 3 and 4 wrote their final draft of a non-chronological report. They used their research and summarised notes from the previous two weeks that they had collated to draft, then they wrote up their reports in neat. Here are some examples of our non-chronological reports on Ancient Egypt below:

This week in maths, Year 4 have been recapping short division from year 3, then expanding on this using larger numbers such as 392 divided by 7. Miss Boyd’s class have even been learning how to work our using remainders! Throughout the week, we have completed a carousel of activities involving money, Purple Mash, challenge cards also recapping basic skills and problems where we have to create our own division questions using information provided.

In Y3, we have been practicing efficient methods for mental multiplication and division. We used cubes to make arrays of simple multiplications such as 2 x 5. This helped us to understand the concept of equal groups, and made it easier to see that multiplication is commutative. 


In computing, we are continuing with our topic of computer science. We have based the last two lessons on algorithms and control. Our main objective was to write and debug (correct) an algorithm working with different forms of input and output on 2Logo on Purple Mash. We completed this by figuring out where various algorithms went wrong and changing them to the correct way then having a go at completing challenges on 2Logo where we had to make certain shapes by creating our own algorithm.

In science, we are focusing on light as our topic. Our main outcome was to understand how light is reflected off objects. In groups, we all had a go at reflecting light from a torch off a mirror onto a wall to show how light travels in straight lines and cannot bend around objects. To challenge ourselves, we used more than one mirror and tried to aim our reflected light onto a target.

In Forest Schools today and yesterday, LKS2 used outdoor resources to make their own pyramid following our topic: Ancient Egypt. We looked at how a pyramid needs to be square based similar to the pyramids in Egypt. Some groups were able to balance their pyramids together and others used string to hold their sticks in place. As a challenge, we looked at adding tombs and coffins inside our pyramids to show the burial places of pharaohs. 

Well done to our learnatics this week. You’re all fab!

Class 5 – Elsa and Mantra 

Class 6 – Lyra and Alfie

Class 7 – Demi’Yon and Noor

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