LKS2 – Newsletter – 24.6.22

This week, LKS2 have had a brilliant week in the sunshine! 

In maths this week, year 3 have been learning all about angles. We consolidated our learning on angles by going onto the playground and creating a square out of tape. We then used more tape to create smaller shapes inside of the square then coloured them in using chalk. We identified the various types of angles such as obtuse, acute and right angles using our prior knowledge. 

Year 4s have also been learning about shape. At the beginning of the week, we completed our work on angles with a carousel of activities. Then. we moved onto recognising shapes and their properties. To end the week, we created a large poster in groups, picking out various shapes and adding in their properties e.g. a hexagon has 6 sides and 6 vertices. Some children in Miss Boyd’s maths group began to identify lines of symmetry in some of the shapes. 

In Science this week, we have been learning what types of materials are attracted to magnets. We learnt that not every type of metal is attracted, but metals such as steel, iron and nickel are. We conducted our own investigation by using a try filled with various ‘scrap yard’ items and hovered magnets across the top to see what would be pulled up towards the magnet. 

In PSHE, year 3s went outside to learn all about the importance of keeping active. We monitored our mind, heart, breathing and muscles and how they feel during resting position and after exercise. We had some great discussions on how our bodies change during and after exercise and how beneficial this physically and mentally. To end the lesson, we all laid down in a circle and had some meditation time, resting our bodies back to normal. 

In this week’s Forest School session, we used our fire skills to create Viking bread. Using our knowledge from last time, we built fire lays and grew our fires by adding the right type of fuel and the right time in order to get it hot enough to bake bread. Meanwhile, half of the group made the bread using flour, water, a pinch of salt and oats. After tasting it, we decided we preferred it to the Ancient Egyptian flatbread we’d made earlier in the year and compared diets between them, as well as us, and why bread was an important food for Vikings of all positions in society.

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