LKS2 Newsletter 25/3/22

This week has been a busy one for LKS2, who have been completing their end of term assessments. The children have really impressed us with their concentration and determination to do their very best, so thank you and well done to all of you! We’ve had time for lots of other activities as well…

In Science, we carried out some investigations into pitch, and how pitch changes in different situations. In small groups, we experimented with various objects – blowing on bottles filled with different amounts of liquid, plucking an instrument with different size strings, and bending rulers of different lengths. We noticed that when we changed certain variables (thickness of string, for example), the pitch of the sound changed! After discussing our investigation, we wrote up our findings.

In PE this week, the Y3s went outside to make the most of the sunny weather. We worked on some football skills, starting off by completing an obstacle course. Then we played ‘football rounders’ in our team colour groups. We finished the lesson by playing a big game of football!

In Forest School, we got the chance to build an Egyptian shaduf. This is a piece of equipment which was used by the Ancient Egyptians to transport water from the River Nile on to their crops. 2 weeks ago the children designed their shaduf and made a miniature model using lollipop sticks, and today they used buckets, rope and wood to create the real thing! They had to thing carefully about the stability of their shaduf, as well as using a counterweight to lift the heavy bucket of water.

The children have also enjoyed looking at the Book Fair this week. If your child wants to purchase a book(s), they will have taken home a wish list with information on how to order the book. Once you have done this, please return the form into school. The deadline for this is Tuesday morning.

We hope you have a lovely weekend in the sun!

The LKS2 Team 🙂

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