LKS2 Newsletter 30/3/2023

Happy holidays everyone! It has been a very busy final week for LKS2…

In French, this week, the children explored more of their topic, “Where in the world?”, by looking at where countries are in relation to the equator. We learnt how to say L’Eequateur, Nord and Sud. Then, we read lots of different sentences to each other and translated them to identify whether they were vrai (true) or faux (false). To do this, we used French dictionaries to identify key vocabulary, and then our atlases to see where they are in the world!








In Year 3 maths, we have been finding fractions of amounts. First we used bar models and counters to help us find fractions of an amount. We practised dividing bar models into the correct number of equal parts, and used it to split our counters equally. Then we could count how many counters were in each section. We started by using this method to find unit fractions of an amount, then used it to find fractions of an amount with non – unit fractions.  









The Year 4s have been learning about tenths, and representing them in different ways. We used a hundreds square to explore the relationship between tenths and hundredths, then had a go at writing each number as a fraction and decimal.










In RE, we have finished looking at the five pillars of Islam. We looked back on the topic to reflect on how the five pillars of Islam help a Muslim to demonstrate their faith and discussed which pillar we thought might be the most important and why. 








Finally, every class has had an absolutely brilliant time this week in Breary Marsh! After walking around the area, we set up our own boundary and played a game of hide and seek. Then we discussed the habitat that we were in and what kind of animals might live there. We related this to our learning in science about food chains, and identified which living things in the wood would be producer, predator and prey. Then we made our own food chains on the woodland floor using natural materials!
















Thank you and well done to all the children for working SO hard this term. We hope you have a well deserved break over Easter and look forward to seeing you in the Summer term!

The LKS2 Team 🙂

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