LKS2 Newsletter 7/1/22

LKS2 have had a whirlwind first week back! We’ve packed a lot of learning into just 4 days, including starting our new topic, the Ancient Egyptians!

The Y3s have been learning about money in maths this week. On Tuesday, they recapped the value of various coins and notes. After playing a game to see who could find the correct coin or note the fastest, they took part in a mathematical investigation. They were given a set of amounts and had to make the amount is as many different ways as possible. It really got us thinking! 

In Science, we started our new topic of Light. We found out that light is a form of energy, and is produced from light sources. We investigated the question ‘what do we need to be able to see?’ We placed a counter under an upside down cup, and used a peep hole to look at it. Some light could get through the cup, and we discussed how this enabled us to see the counter. Then we covered the cup with paper, and discussed the change this caused. Finally, we tried looking at different objects through the peep hole, and discovered that some colours are easier to see in low light than others.

Our resilience was tested in the freezing weather this week in Forest School! Using their growing knowledge and skill in fire making, pupils were challenged to light a fire and keep it alive – despite the conditions. Most groups managed to get a fire started, with some able to keep their fire alive for nearly an hour! 

In PSHE, we discussed the topic of change. We talked about how change can make us feel, and the importance of being able to adapt to change. We focused in particular on what it felt like when we started school, and thought about the different feelings a new starter may experience. After coming up with some top tips for children starting school, we worked in pairs to create a poster full of advice on how to make the transition easier!

Please note – a notification went out yesterday concerning a trip to Leeds City Museum in the first week of February. Please read the letter carefully, and complete the form to give your child permission to attend. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Have a fantastic weekend! 

The LKS2 team 🙂


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