LKS2 – Year 3&4 – Forest School

Today, we decided to move the day around and complete forest school in the morning and English in the afternoon. For the forest schools activities, we first got into smaller groups and thought hard about any habitat we could think of. We then transported ourselves individually to this habitat and thought about what it looked like, what animals might live there and described it thinking about our 5 senses. We then were introduced to two small woodland creature puppets. These creatures had lost their habitat and we had to search the school field looking for a suitable new habitat for them to live in, focusing on necessities such as shelter, food, water, predators etc. After we had found an area, we made the habitat more accessible for that specific creature. To finalise the forest school session, we linked the main activity with our topic book, The Animals of Farthing Wood, and in groups had to role play what we thought might have happened to our creatures, why they had lost their habitat in the first place and their journey to their new habitat. We used this as a plan for our English write in the afternoon. 

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