LKS2 – Year 4 – Breary Marsh

This morning, Year 4 went on a school trip to Breary Marsh. When we got to the woods, we split up in to small groups to start our activities. To begin, we set up our own boundary in the forest, working as a team to decide which part of the forest we would stay in. Then, we played different games, such as hide and seek. These activities helped us to develop our independence and learn more about the environment we were learning in. 

Our next activity was to make animals using natural resources. We thought about the animals we had seen in our new English text, ‘The Animals of Farthing Wood’, such as foxes, squirrels and badgers. We recreated them using anything we could find. We had 2D designs, 3D sculptures, and even animals drawn on trees! Year 4 showed great resilience, creativity and team work. Well done Year 4! 

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