LKS2 – Year 4 – Trip to Golden Acre Park

Year 4 have had a fantastic Forest School trip to Golden Acre Park. The children rotated around three different activities, which each integrated various Forest School skills like communication, teamwork, resilience and enjoying being in nature!

The children went birdwatching. They investigated the different types of bird nests and discussed which birds made those nests based on their observations. Then, they went to Marsh Hide to use binoculars and a bird watching wheel to identify the various birds and wildlife. 

Also, the children made their own dens in the woods. They transferred their skills from our Forest School to the woods, using their various note tying techniques to ensure safe, durable and comfy dens!

Finally, they completed the Egg Challenge. The children were given various open-ended challenges (such as: who can make their egg the fastest, slowest, highest and prettiest) and used their imagination and creativity to complete the challenges.




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