Newsletter – LKS2 – 19.05.2023

What a fantastic week in LKS2!

In Miss Evans’ maths group, they have continued working on converting time from analogue to 12 and 24 hour digital time. Working in pairs they worked through some tricky problem solving questions which out our time knowledge to the test


In English, the Y4s planned their own traditional tale based on the legend of The Flying Dutchman. They read several theories about the ghost ship and some information about reported sightings. Then they worked as a group map out the key events of our story, making sure to include the key features of a traditional narrative such as protagonist, antagonist, problem and resolution. After discussing, writing and drawing our ideas they acted out our stories making sure they had a clear beginning, middle and end.  












In Year 3 English, we have been looking at co-ordinating and sub-ordinating conjunctions. We spent the week using the conjunctions to write sentences about our new book, The Flying Dutchman. Today, they familiarised ourselves with the legend of the Flying Dutchman. Firstly, they looked at the key events from the story and sequenced them with our group. Then they acted the story out so they could get into role and think about the characters, how they felt and what they said to each other. Then they planned our stories out and wrote down all the key details that we wanted to include in our writing.










In Maths, Year 3 have recapped reading time to the nearest 15 minutes. In pairs, one person chose a card which had a time written on it, then had to make the time with their own clock. Their partner then had to read the clock to get the right time. If they both got it right, they swapped roles! They kept going until they had made all the times.









In Geography, the children have been looking at rivers in Europe. They were given maps with rivers on them in Europe. First, they had to find the rivers in an atlas and see if they could find which countries it flowed through. Then they had to research four of the rivers that they had seen. They had to find out the length, depth and width of the river and which countries if flowed through.









On Thursday, the LKS2 children have had an absolutely wonderful day celebrating Eid! They began the day by designing and making their own Ramadan lantern, taking inspiration from pictures of Eid decorations. Then they made their own Indian spring rolls by spooning the filling and carefully wrapping the pastry. After a fantastic assembly run by some Y6 children, we went into the hall to enjoy the food made by all the children as well as some extras brought in by some brilliant parents!


Have a brilliant weekend!


LKS2 Team

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