Reception – Dinosaurs – Forest School

Reception have enjoyed a wonderful morning of Forest School fun! Linking to their topic of ‘dinosaurs,’ pupils had a range of activities linked to the creatures who ruled the Earth millions of years ago. In the mud kitchen, children had to cook for a dino; thinking very carefully about the ingredients they were putting in their dishes based on which dinosaur they were cooking for and whether it was a herbivore or carnivore. Using the tuff tray, children had to use loose parts and natural materials to create images, models and collages of dinosaurs whilst in the sand pit pupils took to archaeology by carefully diffing up buried dinosaurs before creating castles and new worlds for them. Mr Gamble also took the children on an evolutionary journey looking at how dinosaurs and chickens are related! We looked at pictures and discussed the similarities and differences between them. Next, children went on an egg hunt where they had to find 21 eggs hidden around the grounds. Once collected, we ordered them and discussed the hatching process from a fertile egg being laid to emerging out of the egg three weeks later. To finish the activity, we visited the chickens and discussed features we could relate to dinosaurs! 


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