Tuck Shop

We are pleased to announce that the school tuck shop will be returning Monday 26th February. The school tuck shop is a student enterprise opportunity, run by members of the school community, that focuses on providing snacks at break time.  

Where possible we try to provide high fibre and low calorie options. The price of the items available varies from, 30p to £1.00. Children should not be bringing in more than £1.00 per day. This shop is optional, so children do not have to bring money if you do not want them to purchase anything. As well as providing snacks, the tuck shop provides an opportunity for all children in school to develop their money management skills.  All profits raised will be put towards new playground equipment.

Every Friday will be treat day where additional items will be available.

Fruit will still be available to all KS1 pupils at no cost.


Contact Us

Tinshill Drive
West Yorkshire
LS16 7DH

0113 386 2500


Phone Lines

On Monday 25th March we may experience some disturbance to our phone line and internet. If you are unable to contact school on our regular number please contact us on07874998487.
Many thanks