UKS2 – Class 8 & 9 – Grasslands Farm

Today, Year 5 had the wonderful opportunity to visit a working farm in Rufforth, near York. Embracing the beautiful weather, the children were shown a variety of arable and livestock farming techniques.

First, they were introduced to Grassland Farm’s resident beef cattle herd, discussed the lifecycle and gestation periods of cattle as well as the animal husbandry involved in their care. They then had the opportunity to enter the cattle race and crush, to experience what being tagged is like from a cow’s perspective. 

After that, the children were introduced to the different types of crops grown on British farms, including: barley, oats, wheat and oilseed rape. They discussed how each grain was processed, what they were used for, then had a go at milling their own flour! 

The third activity of the day was learning about the lifecycle of a chicken. The children discussed each stage in the 21 day gestation period and how the chicks develop from gestation, then they were allowed to see the 13 day old chicks. 

After lunch, the children went on a nature walk, embracing the glorious farmland and views, whilst enjoying games with a parachute and even some investigating in the pond. 

We had a fantastic time and cannot wait for Year 6 to attend tomorrow.


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