UKS2 – Class 8 & 9 – Science

Today, the children learnt about Maria Sybilla Merina. They used a video, fact file and reading activity to gather information about this pioneer in the field of illustration and entomology.

The children each decided on her top three achievements, which included:

  • “She published multiple books which was unusual for the time as a woman.”
  • “She produced many illustrations which soon became famous and even inspires people now like David Attenborough.”
  • “She went to the Royal Academy more than 250 years before the first woman was permitted to join.”
  • “She was one of the first to closely observe the process of insects and metamorphosis. One of the ways she did that was by going to South America: thought to be the first woman to go on expedition in the name of science.”
  • “She had to be determined to go on the expedition which included selling possessions.”

After having looked at her intricate illustrations of plant and life cycles, the children went outside to draw their own observations of plants and describe their artwork using their knowledge about life cycles.

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