UKS2 – Newsletter – 05.05.23

What a fantastic week it’s been in UKS2! 

This week in history, the children developed their understanding of the Early Islamic Civilisation by describing some of the main changes in this period of history. Firstly, we explored where the Islamic empire had expanded across the globe. They developed their ideas for why this may be. Following this, they investigated some different causes of the Islamic expansion. They used their skills to be a historian and summarise each cause in turn. Then, they considered different ways to group their information. They did this by discussing which they felt is the most important to the least important. This meant that they had to explain, reason and work as a team to consider their different points of view as historians. Lastly, the children looked at a chapter from a history textbook entitled “Weapons and War”. They considered the type of cause which the historian had decided to emphasis; why they had made this decision; and what they might say if they were editing this book.

On Wednesday, we had another fantastic ‘Reading Buddies’ assembly! The children enjoyed reading their books and sharing a love of reading together!

In science, the children learnt about Maria Sybilla Merina. They used a video, fact file and reading activity to gather information about this pioneer in the field of illustration and entomology. The children each decided on her top three achievements. After having looked at her intricate illustrations of plant and life cycles, the children went outside to draw their own observations of plants and describe their artwork using their knowledge about life cycles.

This week in PE, the children continued to develop their skills in football and athletics. In football, they strenghtened their dribbling and shooting skills by playing different games targetting their skills. In athletics, they learnt two techniques for passing on the baton in a relay race: the under and over sweep.

For Year 6 ONLY: below is a letter we have given to Year 6 this week reagrding SATs next week. SATs Letter 2023

As part of our whole-school development of spellings and phonics, here is the weekly spelling activity for UKS2: Spelling at home Week 3

We hope you enjoy another bank holiday weekend to celebrate the King’s coronation. Children will need to be in normal school uniform on Tuesday 9th May!

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