UKS2 – Newsletter – 07.01.22

It has been a busy first week back in UKS2! In French this week, Class 9 started to create their very own ‘ville’ (city). Using key French vocabulary, the children began the design process, a chose the features of their city. This project will extend through the whole half term, resulting in the creation of their very own OS map. 

In RE, the children began learning about the death and resurrection of Jesus, and the importance of holy week to the Christian faith. After watching a video that explained the events of his death, the children were tasked with ordering these in groups. 

In Forest School this week: Class 8 took to the chilly January weather and focused on their tool work. Using bow saws, whittling knives and bill hooks, the children were tasked with remembering the key safety point for using each tool and produced some excellent work. Class 9 had a go at some Forest School themed art. As we are focusing on bird watching this term, the children were asked to sketch a bird of their choice, then use water colour paints to complete their piece. Class 10 also braved the cold and went outside to try and spot some birds in the garden at Cookridge. Afterwards, they began designing the bird boxes that we are aiming to create this half term. Well done everyone. 

Finally, our learnatics for this week are: Sevi and Eleanor (Class 8), Jessica W and Maddison (Class 9) and Elsie and Lilly (Class 10).

Well done! Keep up the amazing work! Ooh ah, you’re a star!


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