UKS2 – Newsletter – 08.10.2021

It has been a busy week in UKS2! 

Today UKS2 had their National Forest School day session. The children were split into cohorts (Year  5 and 6) and took turns completing a Forest School session in the garden and completing some geography tasks inside. Outside, the children had the option to practise their fire making skills in the kelly kettles, whittle Greek Hoplite spears, complete some Forest School art, do some knot tying or complete ‘The Egg Challenge’. The resilience, perseverance and communication was fantastic, with the children engaging politely, collegially and enthusiastically in their tasks. We cannot wait for Forest Schools on Monday!  

On Wednesday, a visitor from ‘Dogs Trust’ came into school to explain the importance of safe and responsible dog ownership. The children were polite and asked some superb questions.

Finally, our learnatics this week are: George and Olivia (Class 8), Cookie and Jessica (Class 9) and Yasmine and George (Class 10).

Keep up your amazing work! You truly are a credit to our school!

Ooh Ahh, you’re a star!!


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