UKS2 – Newsletter – 11.03.22

It’s been a great week in UKS2 – full of fun activities and exciting learning. 

This week in English, the children have been gathering facts about Helen Sharman – ready for the biographies they will write next week. To help develop their understanding about her life, the children used their research about her to roleplay key points in her life.

The children worked together to generate interesting questions to uncover her emotions and experiences as she became the first British astronaut. They had to think carefully about the chronology of key events in her life.

Also this week, the classes have completed the Design Challenge! Each class worked diligently to create their own design and creation along the theme of “Springtime Recycle.” Each class worked impressively as a team and thought creatively to create wonderful designs on their mannequins. 


Congratulations to our Learnatics this week: Leo, Emily, Jay, Millie-Mae, Alexis and Michael you’re stars!

Monday (14.03.22) is our Cross-Curricular day, so the children will need to come in appropriate Forest School clothing.

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