UKS2 – Newsletter – 12.05.23

What a fantastic week it’s been in UKS2!

Firstly, we are so proud of our Year 6 children after having completed SATs week. They have shown exceptional determination, focus and resilience this week and we want to say a massive, “Well done!” to you all. 

In PE this afternoon, the children continued to develop their skills in football and athletics. In football, they focused on precise passing and striking. Using a variety a games, they used both their dominate and non-dominate sides to kick footballs precisely. In athletics, they focused on precise throwing and learnt the technique of discus throwing.


On Wednesday, the children had a fantastic time sharing our books and reading together. Children in classes 1 and 9 particularly enjoyed stories about dogs, the Mr. Men characteristics and sporting legends like Harry Kane!

This week in computing, the children used search technologies effectively to uncover the hidden identity of different animals, historic people, famous French people and religious leaders. They were given a range of clues and had to use search engines effectively. As they searched, they considered how their results were ranked and discerned the legitimacy of the digital content. Then, the children created their own clues and fact files for another child to use search technologies to guess its hidden identity.

Also in science, the children rotated around three different activities to explore how animals can be classified. In each activity they identified the features that result in animals being classified as vertebrates or invertebrates. Firstly, the children completed a reading activity. They used their reading skills to explore how vertebrates are divided into smaller groups, like: fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. Secondly, the children completed a matching activity which focused on the characteristics of each main type of vertebrate. They were able to identify: the type of blood (warm or cold blooded), how they reproduce (by birthing their live young or by laying eggs) and how they breathe (using lungs or gills). Thirdly, the children carefully observed some of the animals we have in school to identify their characteristics and classification.

Monday (15.05.23) is a PPA day, so children need to come into school in normal school uniform please.

As part of our whole-school development of spellings and phonics, here is the weekly spelling activity for UKS2: Spelling at home Week 4

We hope you have a fantastic weekend!

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