UKS2 – Newsletter – 15/09/23

It has been a fantastic week in UKS2!

On Monday, we had our first cross-curricular day of the year. In Forest School,the children linked their cross-curricular topic of ‘Ancient Greece’ and created their own Olympic events from loose parts. After discussing their activities in groups, the children then designed, made and tried out their events.

There was some superb teamwork and resilience on display and lots of laughs and smiles in the sun!

In French, the children were learning about how to say what job they would like to have when they grow up. First, they had to match the pictures to the jobs, seeing if they could find any similarities with the English ways of spelling, before writing their own full sentences. The pupils were very careful to ensure they had the correct masculine or feminine spellings for their sentences. It was great to hear all about what amazing jobs they hope to have in the future too!

Finally, this week in English, UKS2 have begun the research phase of their non-chronological reports about Ancient Greek gods and goddesses. After using a range of sources to research the key features of each of the Olympians, on Thursday, the children were challenged to complete a role play ‘Guess who’. Using their knowledge from their research to help them, the children acted out the features and personalities of a god or goddess of their choice, and their teammates were tasked with guessing who they were! There was some excellent acting on display, alongside some superb deduction and inference. Well done everyone. 

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