UKS2 – Newsletter – 18.3.2022

It has been a brilliant week in UKS2. On Monday, over the course of the day, children led their learning and chose between a range of activities around the theme of “Willow”. The activities included: creating a willow tunnel, using secateurs to make their own willow creations and building teepees out of willow. 


On Tuesday, Class 8 had their first introduction to blogging. Using 2blog on Purple Mash, the children were tasked with creating their own content on what they had learned about their current topic, Space! They discussed and described the positives and negatives of blogging and how it could be used in society and started their own Class 8 blog!

In science this week, the children explored the effect of filters on our perception of coloured light. After completing a RIC about Sir Isaac Newton –the man responsible for solving the mystery of light refraction – they were tasked with exploring how filters impacted their classrooms! They worked in partners to investigate and interpret the impact of filters on light and discussed their findings with the class in the plenary.

Finally, our learnatics for this week are: Adam and Aneesa (Class 8), Jasper and Mohammad (Class 9) and Amaan and Elsie (Class 10).

You’re all amazing. Keep up the hard work. Ooh ahh you’re a star!!!

There are several posts and notifications that have been sent home this week that require responses, including a post about Weardale and trips. Please could you complete these at your convenience. 

UKS2 team 


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