UKS2 – Newsletter – 26.01.24

It has been a windy week in UKS2!

In Forest School this week, UKS2 remained safe inside away from storm Isha! Whilst there, they began to design their own Amazonian style weapons. They had to explain how they were going to build it, what tools and processes they would use and even how they would decorate it. Once they had completed their design, they practiced the braiding and knotting they are going to implement on their weapons. 

This week in science, UKS2 designed and completed a science experiment based around Darwin’s ‘Theory of Evolution’. After researching Darwin’s explorations on the Galapagos Islands, the children were challenged to design an experiment that investigated the beaks of finches, and how they are adapted to different diets. They were each given a different foodstuff, and explored which of their ‘beak’ mechanisms was best suited to picking up each type of food. Afterwards, they discussed their findings and developed their own theories around adaptation. 

In PE this week, the children put their new found badminton skills to the test in a competition of rallying. They were challenged to use a variety of shots and focus on using the correct shot choice in a live rallying situation. Our new top rallying score is 269! Well done Harry M and Kazaf.

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