UKS2 – Newsletter – 29.04.22

It has been a brilliant week in UKS2. On Monday,  we linked our learning in Forest School to our new topic: WWII. After discussing what an Anderson Shelter was, and how it was used to protect against bomb raids in the war, the children were tasked with designing, building and evaluating their own versions. Initially, the children had to make miniature shelters to protect their mini soldiers from ‘Pine cone bombing’ from the staff. After that, they were challenged to take their building techniques to create their own life sized shelters. Afterwards, the children evaluated their shelters, comparing it to the criteria stipulated at the beginning of the lesson. There were some truly extravagant creations! Well done everyone.  

On Tuesday, the children in Class 8 explored search technology and discussed search efficiency, reliability and the processes behind a search. After discussing this, they moved onto representing data in a spreadsheet using 2calculate. Pupils were tasked with creating a data sheet that displayed key details about the countries that featured in WWII. Then, they had to research and input key numerical and word based data into their spreadsheets.

On Thursday, Year 5 had the outstanding opportunity to take part in a taster session with coaches from Leeds City Basketball. After completing some exciting and technique-based warm up games, the children began dribbling and focusing on keeping the ball close to their bodies. Finally, they had the opportunity to employ these techniques in a shooting drill. Afterwards, 9 children were selected from the group as outstanding performers. Well done: Sevi, Toka, Aneesa, Tommy, Shahad, Millie-Mae, Ella, Harvey and Cookie. 

Finally, our learnatics for this week are:  Kaylen and Maddison (Class 8), Harvey and Maisie (Class 9) and George and Olivia (Class 10). You are all amazing, well done! Ooh ah you’re a star! 

Remember, it is a bank holiday on Monday, so you don’t need to come to school. Have a fabulous long weekend, and we will see you on Tuesday. 

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