UKS2 – Newsletter 30.06.23

What a brilliant week it has been in UKS2!

In Forest School, UKS2 were challenged in knot tying. After revisiting previously learnt skills, the children were challenged to tie five different knots, including: tension knot, clove hitch, anchor knot, square wrapping and a reef knot. The children displayed excellent resilience and problem solving skills and even began to consider the uses of each knot, and the suitability of their rope for each knot. Excellent work everybody!

As a whole school, we enjoyed another Reading Buddies assembly! We had a fantastic time sharing our books and enjoying reading together.

In PE, the children considered the strategy of football and how they can use space to their advantage. This included a game of ‘crab football’ to slow down the pace and focus on strategy. This was then applied to a match!

The children in Miss Chambers’ maths class focused on timetables. They were given a selection of timetables and answered a range of questions. Each child answered questions using bus timetables to enhance their understanding of how they can use maths in the real-world!

Monday (03.07.23) will be PPA day. So, the children must come to school in clothing appropriate for Forest School.

We hope you have a great weekend!

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