UKS2 – Parent Event

Today UKS2 hosted their South America parent event in the hall. Children and parents were invited to take part in three exciting activities to demonstrate their knowledge on a variety of South American  topics. First, the children took part in a Kahoot, answering a variety of questions about South America. They competed against one another to answer the questions accurately and as quickly as possible. In the second challenge, the children were tasked with labelling a variety of countries, capital cities, flags and geographical features on a blank map. They used atlases, globes and our fantastic wall map to help place these features. Finally, the children displayed their understanding of Darwin’s theory of evolution and adaptation by completing the ‘Finches’ experiment. Using a variety of pincers to represent beaks, the children assessed how effective each one was at picking up a variety of different foods. They recorded their findings and discussed which beak they found the most effective. Thank you to all the parents who attended this afternoon, the children were thrilled to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of our current topic. 

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