Viking Village – Classes 4,6&7 – Forest School

Over the past two days, pupils across LKS2 have taken part in Viking experience days in school. One of these activities has been in our Forest School area which had been transformed into a Viking settlement  – classes became villages; pupils became villagers. Working together, they had to take on some of the roles Vikings did which included crafting and cooking. In our fire pit area, villagers worked together to light and maintain a fire using bill hooks for splitting the wood. Once hot enough, the fire was used for cooking and the villagers prepared and cooked a traditional Viking meal – a delicious vegetable and herb soup with warm bread. They had to peel and chop a variety of vegetables including onions, leeks and carrots and scoured our herb garden for rosemary, sage and thyme. Away from that end of the village, villagers plaited and braided necklaces and bracelets, adding in wooden beads by carefully threading them through. There was also rune writing where villagers could practice writing their names and messages to each other using the Viking alphabet. Finally, there was a tool area where villagers could whittle, saw firewood and put holes in wood using palm drills, bow saws and knives. The village was a hive of activity throughout and we were even lucky enough for Olaf the Viking to appear who told us an ancient saga about the beginning of the world according to Viking beliefs. 

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