Wellbeing Wednesday – Forest School

In blustery conditions, pupils in the younger group took to the poly tunnel to plant some young saplings into pots. After choosing the correct tools for the job, pupils scooped compost into containers before watering them and adding a young tree into the hole and patting it down. To finish, pupils then filled the plant pot to the top with compost. The saplings will remain in the pots all summer where the compost will act as a fertiliser and stimulate good root development before the young tree is planted out next winter where it can focus on more root growth; giving the tree the best chance of survival during any prolonged dry periods in the summer of 2025. The older group focused their session on imagination and exploring feelings and choices. With their eyes closed, pupils listened to a story which set the children in a place they wanted and where their imaginations could run wild. Afterwards, pupils chose a stone to paint on to create the image and objects they saw whilst listening to the story. There were some wonderful creations and explanations in the group circle at the end of the session. Well done everyone. 

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