Wellbeing Wednesday – Forest School

We’ve had a great time in our Wellbeing Wednesday sessions today where both groups thoroughly got stuck in! First, the older pupils used Mandala art to express something about themselves using loose parts. They then took turns in sharing with the group what they had made, what it represented and why that represented them. Next, the group explored and celebrated British Pie Week. Children were tasked with making the most delicious mud pie they could in our mud kitchen. Their imaginations ran wild and we had chocolate pie, strawberry pie and delicious steak and gravy pie! They used clay for the pie lid and decorated it using herbs from our kitchen garden. The younger pupils learnt about trees and how they grow. We looked at some of the new spalings we have had delivered for our school grounds then discussed the importance of ongoing care and maintenence of them as they grow, linking it back to human children and the support they get as they grow too. We then visited one of the areas in school where saplings have been previously planted and carried out some work on them. This involved litter picking, straightening canes, removing dead saplings and a health check, including careful pruning where necessary. With the help of the pupils, we have our fingers crossed for the survival of these saplings and look forward to seeing them grow further in the years ahead. Well done everyone! 

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