Wellbeing Wednesday – Forest School

This morning we have had animal themed sessions with both groups. First, the younger pupils recapped on their session last week and put this knowledge into practice when feeding the animals their breakfasts and visiting their enclosures. We then focused our attention on the goats and checked their enclosure for hazards to make sure it was safe before letting them out. Next, we walked around the field armed with litter pickers and a plastic bag looking for litter and other hazards along the goat walking route to check it would be safe enough to walk the goats. After this, the team gathered all the equipment they needed including food buckets, goat leads and the poo scooper before heading out onto the field to walk Nigel and Doughnut along the path they had checked earlier. The older group learnt all about hedgehogs and how they are all emerging from hibernation after a long winter’s sleep. After a Spring walk where pupils hunted for the signs of Spring, children were then tasked with creating a hedgehog using our Forest School tools, wood and nails. When finished, pupils discussed what hedgehogs like to eat and set off to find some of this food. Turning themselves into worm charmers, children found a spot on the field and stamped on the ground for a few minutes to see how many worms came up before placing them into a container. It was great fun and turned into a competition to see who could get the most worms before the time ran out. 

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