Wellbeing Wednesday – Forest School

We’ve had a great morning as the warmer weather has definitely helped lift everybody’s mood! Both groups spent their sessions in our small wooded area on the field and we talked about the importance of mental health in the lead up to Mental Health Awareness Week next week. We discussed what it is, why it’s so important and things we currently do to help maintain and improve our mental health. Pupils then spent the morning leading their own learning through a range of different activities. Some chose to pitch hammocks using the sliding knot and spent time cloud gazing and tuning in to the sounds of the birds whilst others took the chance to ‘sit spot’ under a tree or try some outdoor yoga. All the children helped in preparing a delicious snack – pancakes! Working as a team, pupils created the mixture, got a fire going and cooked their pancakes before adding their favourite toppings. Whilst we ate, we also discussed the importance of sitting down to eat with friends and family and how these social interactions can play a huge part on mental health. 

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