Y6 – Outdoor Cooking – Forest School

The Year 6 pupils loved their second session of outdoor cooking by creating omelettes. After collecting three chicken eggs per team, pupils explored the herb garden for ingredients. Whilst foraging, children tested the flavours by rubbing the leaves in-between their fingers and taste testing some of the leaves from various herbs. After settling on their desired flavours, children picked from sage, rosemary, oregano, thyme, chives and lemon mint. The eggs were then cracked and emptied into a bowl with the herbs and some added milk and whisked together. The mixtures were then cooked over fire pits carefully before being enjoyed by all. As we ate, we discussed the importance of sourcing environmentally friendly food and began to think about where our food comes from and the carbon footprint it creates. We also worked out our omelettes cost a total of 15p each – a bargain meal in the current climate!

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