Year 2 – Water Filtering – Forest School

Year 2 have built on their understanding and use of loose parts by using them for a different purpose. Instead of creating art or building structures, children were set the challenge of filtering muddy water using a plastic bottle, a piece of cloth and loose parts found around the school field. After inserting the cloth to act as a bung, teams then had to fill their bottles with natural resources found around the school grounds. Pupils thought long and hard about the objects, including their colour, size, weight, and how tightly to pack their water bottles. We then tested our designs by pouring muddy water into the top of the bottles and watched to see the cleanliness of the water coming out the bottom. After we reviewed and discussed each team’s performance and their filtering systems, teams had time to amend and adapt their designs. Finally, we tried again to filter the water to discover which team could filter the water to make it the cleanest! 

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